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Blacksburg Pipe & Tobacco
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Seducing your senses since 1997



Blacksburg Pipe and Tobacco is proud to announce that we now offer two great new cigars in the humidor! First we received the new Flor de las Anitllas cigars from My Father Cigars, a wonderful addition to the Garcia Family of cigars. The Flor de las Antills is a Nicaraguan puro that plays homage to Cuba with a mild spice. This cigar starts off with notes of cinnamon and spice and finishes expremely smooth and creamy.
We also received a new line from Boutique Blends Cigars, the Again Room Havao Connecticut. This cigar is in produced from the same line of classic Aging Room cigars. It starts off with a cedar and spiciness that quickly subdues to floral notes and finises with smooth creamy notes. Come by and try both of these amazing new cigars at Blacksburg Pipe and Tobacco! 


Come check out Blacksburg Pipe and Tobacco at 408 N. Main Street, between Hokie House and Cooks Cleaners,  for all of our specials PLUS the great prices we have on all our products.

New Hookah Tobacco!!!
We are pleased to carry Al Fakher hookah tobacco!
As the top selling hookah tobacco in the country we are sure
you will enjoy their 15 most popular flavors that we just got in!!!               

We have assorted fine cigars on sale 25% off marked price
We have selected brands to pick from.

Top Zippo assortment in Virginia!!!
We currently have 150 Zippos in stock to choose from!
If we do not have a certain Zippo you are looking for we
will be more than happy to order it for you.

One of the best rolling paper selections on the East Coast!!!
We are proud to say that many customers have come in
and praised our rolling paper selection.
We carry 30 Brands of rolling papers and have everything
from rice papers to hemp papers available.
We even have 1 foot long element rolling papers
if you think you can handle it!

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